Masonry Restoration in Binbrook

Stonemasons have been at the heart of infrastructure since 10,000 BC. That’s right, from medieval castles to the pyramids of Egypt and countless Greek and Roman public works and temples—masonry as a trade was at the heart.

At Beyond Construction Inc., we pride ourselves in being a part of such a big part of history. And, while we make it a priority to keep up to date on all the latest techniques and technology as masonry restoration contractors, we never forget the basics of our trade, or where we came from.

It’s impossible to walk around Binbrook and not find impressive historical buildings created from brick or stone. But even though masonry construction lasts hundreds of years, after a certain point repair is necessary. That’s where we come in.

Brick Restoration

While brickwork is made to last over 100 years with some claiming an average lifespan of 500 years, nothing can truly last forever. While newer brick structures can be subject to shoddy workmanship, older brick requiring the work of brick restoration companies will have suffered from the years and the elements.

Brick expands over time. Because of this the most common issue you’ll see with older brick is cracking due to placement and moisture retention. Efflorescence is also common in older, moisture-filled bricks. A white crystalline substance will form on the surface of the brick making it appear chalky and worn.

While some homeowners in Binbrook find a weathered look romantic, restored brick will be safer and secure, and last a lot longer than if it’s left to fall into disrepair.

Stone Restoration

Skilled masonry contractors create structures that relate to the environment around them, and what could be more suited to this than stone? Used for grand estates indoors and out, stonemasonry never fails to impress.

While many masonry restoration companies use only the newest technology, at Beyond Construction Inc. we assess the situation and focus on detail, and artistry, to bring stonemasonry back to its original glory.

Historic masonry restoration takes patience and care. If you’re looking for restoration contractors in Binbrook, you can rely on our dedicated team to produce high-quality, historically accurate work.

Concrete Restoration

Compared to brick and stonemasonry, concrete is relatively new especially in the modern ways it is used. However, concrete restoration is still very necessary. When you hire masonry restoration contractors to work with concrete, we’ll find problems such as rebar corrosion, abrasion, and freeze-thaw deterioration.

While concrete is a durable and eco-friendly material that we recommend regularly to our clients, like anything else it can have its problems after it’s been around for a while.

We’ll Take the Time for You

If we didn’t say that masonry restoration isn’t a painstaking process we’d be lying. Depending on what problems your structure is facing, restoration can take time to get perfect.

But at Beyond Construction Inc., you do have a guarantee that the results are well worth it. Masonry is an investment and keeping it at its finest is the best way to enjoy it. If you’d like us to take a look at your aging masonry, give us a call today!