Masonry Contractor in Burlington

Many Burlington homeowners picture a home built of stone and brick to be a thing of the past. If they have interest in owning a stone or brick home, it’s a lofty dream for when they save enough to purchase an older established home.

But at Beyond Construction Inc., we are residential masonry contractors who have been working in the local industry for a number of years, not only repairing and restoring older masonry homes but constructing new ones as well. 

You don’t have to find your older dream home made of stone or brick when you work with our dedicated team. When you require brick contractors or concrete work, we’re one call away, ready to restore accurately, or build anew!

Masonry Work

When you hire the Beyond Construction Inc. team to perform masonry work, you can be assured you’re investing in quality craftsmanship. A trade that goes as far back as the pyramids of Egypt, our masonry workers don’t just lay brick and stone, they go the extra mile to create beautiful results.

Masonry services can be as simple as fixing chipped bricks on the exterior of your home or chimney, or they can extend to full construction of a stately stone home. If you are the owner of a historical property, choosing contractors who know the history of Burlington homes is important.

Every member of our team is educated in current techniques as well as where their trade originated to restore older properties to perfection.

Concrete Work

Concrete is a material that can used for simple construction or complicated and impressive construction. From the concrete blocks that are used for construction to stamped and stained concrete that can make your house pop in any neighborhood, it’s one of our favorite materials to work with.

As concrete contractors, we’ve got a lot of good things to say. However, two of the best things you get from working with concrete is an eco-friendly quality, and durability. But with anything that’s made to last for decade, you want to make sure that it’s installed properly. With our years of experience and a focus on real artistry, give Beyond Construction Inc. a call for your concrete needs!

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are, simply put, walls that hold back earth or water. You will most often see them to create the levels in highly landscaped Burlington homes. They protect from erosion, and help you to control the natural features of your yard when you’d like to create things such as patios and decking.

Although they are a functional landscaping aspect, that doesn’t mean they can’t look great as well! When you hire Beyond Construction Inc. to build retaining walls on your property, we’ll match them to the design of the rest of your home to ensure they are both functional and attractive.

Look No Further!

The search for the best local masonry contractors stops here. At Beyond Construction Inc., we have the appreciation of history that’s necessary in our trade, as well as a mastery of all the latest tools and techniques.

If there’s a new development in our field, we’ll be the first to know! So, when you’re looking for masonry, concrete, and brick work in Burlington, just give us a call. We’ll even start you off with a free estimate!