Masonry Restoration in Burlington

If you’re the owner of a historical masonry home in Burlington and you’re on the lookout for masonry restoration companies, you’ve come to the right place. At Beyond Construction Inc., our dedicated team of artisans provide focused, quality work for all of our clients.

When it comes to brick, stone, and concrete restoration, a keen eye for detail is necessary. The thing that sets masonry restoration experts apart from your average contractors is an appreciation for history and artistry.

Masonry is a trade that has been around through many eras and because of this, identifying which era and working within it for historical accuracy will provide you with the best results. At Beyond Construction Inc., we do just that.

Historic Masonry Restoration

Historic masonry carries on a legacy and at Beyond Construction Inc. we believe on keeping this legacy strong and impressive. While we’ve developed many tried and true methods in this day and age for repairing and restoring older brick and stone structures, in other eras this was not the case. In fact, many masonry repairs that our team faces today are due to cheap and hurried fixes from the past.

Luckily for Burlington homeowners that have to deal with these poorly executed repair and restoration attempts, masonry was built to last. Think about just about any famous structure. It’s likely made of brick or stone.

  • The Pyramids
  • The Great Wall of China
  • The Colosseum
  • The Taj Mahal

So, hang in there—if the pyramids can stick around for over 5,000 years your home can last as long as you choose to live in it.

How We Can Help

A call to our team of masonry restoration contractors, and you’ll be well on your way to an enviable brick, stone, or concrete home. There are a lot of issues that can crop up over the years with masonry work no matter how well it was originally constructed.

  • General deterioration
  • Erosion
  • Mortar deterioration
  • Efflorescence
  • Surface debris

Mortar, like the grout between your kitchen or bathroom tiles, will wear away faster than brick or stone, leaving walls vulnerable. In the case of bricks, they may be exposed to more moisture which can cause erosion, mold and dirt on the surface, and efflorescence—a white powdery substance created from salt left behind by moisture.

Some of these afflictions can be dealt with through power washing but in the case of more delicate work, we use the right tools for careful, detailed work. If we do recommend power washing, do not attempt to do it yourself. Precautions still need to be taken and you can risk further damage without a professional approach.

At Beyond Construction Inc., we care about the history of Burlington masonry.

Bring Your Home Back to Life

It’s not always easy to find masonry restoration contractors who are educated in and respectful of the history of a building.

If you want your home treated with the care it deserves while bringing it back to life, you can trust Beyond Construction Inc. to take the time and put the effort in to really get it done right.

If you have any concerns or are ready to schedule a free estimate, give us a call today!