Masonry Contractor in Hamilton

Beyond Construction Inc. has been proudly serving the homeowners of Hamilton for many years now, with our promise of quality, efficiency, and artistry.

Masonry is a trade that goes back thousands of years, and our educated, licensed, and bonded craftsmen haven’t forgotten that. Because of this, we don’t just focus on new construction, we practice masonry repair and restoration as well.

Whether other masonry companies may prefer to work only with all the latest technology, at Beyond Construction Inc. we do all that and more. We believe that a strong foundation of the basics will take you a long way, and so far, we’ve been correct.


As masonry contractors we work with a wide range of materials from natural or manufactured stone, to brick, to poured concrete. These materials have been around for a long time and for many aren’t something Hamilton homeowners consider if they’re building from the ground up.

However, new masonry construction is a great investment that will leave you with a property that will stay insulated and warm, and stand the test of time. A project that could be a little more costly up-front, pays for itself in the form of quality craftsmanship and staying power!


At Beyond Construction Inc., we’re well-versed in every aspect of masonry construction, meaning we can execute any repairs needed as well.

  • Chimney repairs
  • Concrete cracks
  • Foundation repairs
  • Walkway and patio repair
  • Mortar joints

Masonry work needs to be completed by professional masonry workers like the team at Beyond Construction Inc., and because of this it’s not often you run into installation mistakes. However, it does sometimes occur. Generally the repairs we execute are due to older masonry that has simply succumbed to the elements and time. 


Want that beautiful old brick home made just like new, or better? Give Beyond Construction Inc. a call and we’ll arrive on-site to begin a historically accurate restoration. Having the knowledge about Hamilton’s architecture is one of the most important things as local masonry contractors, and we are proud to have this knowledge at our disposal to help all of our restoration clients.

Unlike newer masonry that can be repaired using simple modern tools and techniques, older brick and stone masonry often requires extra care and attention to detail that only skilled residential masonry contractors can accomplish.

At Beyond Construction Inc., every one of our expert masonry workers are passionate about bringing old buildings back to life and making it so that Hamilton residents can continue to enjoy a piece of history.

Completed to Your Satisfaction

Every job that’s completed by the Beyond Construction Inc. team is completed with quality, efficiency, and artistry. And, if you’re not completely satisfied at the end of the job—then it’s not the end of the job. We believe in top-notch customer service meaning we’re not finished until you’re happy!

We’ll begin by providing you with a free estimate for services and materials, and then work within your timeline and budget to complete the job when you need it done. Give us a call today and let’s get started!